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pearle2Mobile advertising allows for very detailed and specific targeting. Most obvious but valuable targeting options include the following:

  • Location, either by Wifi signal or GPS
  • Device parameters like brand and model
  • Operating system (iOS, Android, Windows amongst others)
  • Telecom operator
  • Wifi or 3/4G

Besides these targeting possibilities we have developed very specific targeting opportunities that are not widely available on mobile and continue to develop new ways of reaching your customers. Recent examples are targeting on weather conditions and syncing with your TV ads.

Weather targeting offers the chance to target consumers based on:

  • Todays temperature
  • Tomorrows temperature
  • Current weather condition (sunny, cloudy, rain, snow)
  • Whether it is BBQ weather, outdoor sports weather and to on

Our ChannelSync product allows you to synchronize your mobile exposure with exposure on other media channels like TV, radio or desktop. The ideal way to reach the couch surfer who massively turn to their tablets and smartphones as soon as the commercial breaks kick in on TV. Exposing these consumers to your brand at the same time they hear your TV commercial strengthens the brand recognition and offers instant interaction options.

Besides these generic and widely available targeting options we have several apps and mobile sites that offer very specific targeting. If you would like to know more about our targeting options, please don’t hesitate to contact us.